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Rates and Policies of Want Ad Digest Classifieds

littlemonster Monster 4 Photo Package - $25.00 Place Ad
Up to 4 Photos online, 1 color photo in printed edition
*Ad runs for 4 weeks. Maximum 30 word item description.
$25.00 (Pre-Pay with Credit Card or send Check with Ad)
*If item sold before 4 weeks the item will be cancelled.
No Refunds or Credits.

Featured Ad Photo Package - $50.00 Place Ad
Featured Ad ($50 for 4 Weeks) - Includes 8 photos & 30 words (1 photo appears in the magazine) Featured Ads keeps your ad rotating on top of the category and will remain there for the length of the ad run. Featured ads are also highlighted in the printed publication. Includes 4 weeks of advertising and 30 words. Video if desired. *If item sells before the 4 weeks end, the item will be cancelled. (Pre-Pay with Credit Card, Check by Phone or send Check with Ad ). No Refunds or Credits.

Super 8 Super 8 Ad Photo Package- $30.00 Place Ad
$30 for 4 Weeks - Includes 8 photos & 30 words (1 photo appears in the magazine) The Super 8 Ad is similar to the Monster Ad but includes 4 more photos.

Up to 8 Photos online, 1 photo in printed edition *Ad runs for 4 weeks. Maximum 25 word item description. $30.00 (Pre-Pay with Credit Card or send Check with Ad) *If item sold before 4 weeks the item will be cancelled. No Refunds or Credits.

Highlighted Ads - $16.00 Place Ad
30 words or less, $0.50 each additional word over 30.
Does not include photos. Ad is highlighted above and below with a heavy line in the magazine. Yellow highlight online.
No Refunds or Credits.

Quick Sale Ads - $15.00 Place Ad
Quick Sale ($15 for 1 Week) - Includes 4 photos & 20 words (1 photo appears in the magazine)
Pre-Paid ads are $15 per issue/week, 30 word maximum, includes 1 color photo in printed edition and online. All photos submitted to the Want Ad Digest for publication must be clear in detail (photo clarity & contrast important). Please do not cut or bend photos. You can upload mail or e-mail us your photo ( You can also bring your item to our office and we will take a photo for you at no charge. Be sure to include your name and phone number with your photo. Photos will not be returned. No Refunds or Credits.

Dealers Pre-Pay and Save - Discounted Rates See More
Dealers - Receive up to a 35% discount on prepaid advertising
Dealer inventory ads appear in print and on the website.

Commission Ads - 10% of listed price. Maximum of $80.00 Place Ad
All commission ads are considered exclusive with the Want Ad Digest, Inc. while in print or on our website and will run a minimum of 4 weeks. Commission ads run in 4 week increments. If the item does not sell within the first 4 week period, it can be renewed in 4 week increments. To place an ad based on commission the item must be listed with a price of at least $50 with 30 words maximum. There will be 1 color photo in the printed edition and up to 4 photos online for the first 4 weeks. The 4 photos will remain with the ad online until you sell your item. Renewals will be text only in the printed edition; text and photos on our website.

Commission due is 10% based on list price, not sale price, with a maximum commission of $80.00 Commission will be due as a result of the following, while advertised on our website or in print, if you make the item unavailable for sale for any reason, including but not limited to:
• Sell item to another party or by another means
• Change your mind about selling
• Cancel early
• Give away or junk it
• Trade
• Accept a deposit
• Move without notifying us
• Have your phone disconnected
• For any reason we cannot contact you during the renewal period of your item

You must be 18 years of age to place a commission Ad. Automobile Dealers and Business Ads can not be placed on Commission. A phone number is required for every Commission ad.

All business ads must be pre paid.

The Want Ad Digest must receive payment within 30 days of the sold date or a $10 late fee will be assessed. Delinquent accounts may be forwarded to a collection agency.

Categories excluded from commission listing are: Business Opportunities, Mobile Homes, Real Estate, Rentals, Wanted, Help Wanted, Situations Wanted, Lost/Found, Swaps, Tires/Wheels, Breeders/Stud Service, Car/Truck Parts, Swaps, Guns & Ammunition, Garage/Moving Sales, All Pets, Animals Including Horses & Livestock, Stud, Cats, Fish, Reptiles, Chickens, Birds, Dog, Puppy, Free Pets must be prepaid.

Length of run is at the discretion of the publisher. Commission ads may not be changed to prepaid ads unless the commission ad has been out of print for at least 7 days. Advertising on a commission basis is a privilege, therefore, we reserve the right to place your account on a Pre-Paid status at any time. Common reasons: multiple commission ads or multiple related listings with no sales, delinquent accounts or relation to delinquent accounts. 3 consecutive commission ad cancellations will result in Account being placed on Pre-Paid status.

Free Ad Categories - List Ads Free, No Commission, Nothing Due Place Ad

• Antiques and Collectibles
• Appliance
• Auctions Garage Sales
• Aviation
• Electronics
• Furniture
• Games
• Home Decor
• Hunting Archery Fishing
• Jewelry
• Jobs Help Wanted
• Musical
• Renewable Resources
• Video Game DVD Movies
• Wanted

Free Ads run a minimum of 4 weeks. Ads must fit the appropriate Free Categories. Includes up to 4 photos online, 1 in printed edition. Maximum 30 Words item description. The Following ads types are prohibited in this category and will be canceled/removed without notice: Pets, animals, commercial, multi-level marketing, get rich schemes, work at home, solicitations, sexually explicit, inappropriate, duplicate, excessive ads. Maximum 4 free ads per month. Free Ads are not guaranteed to be in printed magazine.
Want Ad Digest reserves the right to change free ad categories and special offers at anytime.

Discounted Categories Want Ad Digest reserves the right to change discounted pricing and categories at anytime.

Display/Business Ads
If you would like to advertise your business in our publication or a website banner, please contact the Display Department at 518.279.1181 or e-mail Our sales team and Graphics department will work with you to develop an effective advertising package for your business.

Payment Options:
We accept checks or money orders made payable to:
The Want Ad Digest, 870 Hoosick Rd, Troy, NY 12180. We accept Visa, Mastercard or Discover. Call us, we can handle your credit card transaction by phone. Please do not send cash.

Magazine subscriptions:
52 Issues - $291.60*
26 Issues - $145.80*
12 Issues - $66.96*
*includes tax & shipping


Put N Take - $8.00 plus tax

Free Personal Ads
Personal ads are free and run for 3 issues/weeks with 30 words maximum. Ads must be submitted by mail, email or through our website. The Want Ad Digest will forward all responses. See Personals Section for response details and instructions.

Copyright Notice and Fine Print
COPYRIGHT 2017 BY WANT AD DIGEST, INC. Want Ad Digest is registered in the U.S. Patent Office & with NY State. Trademarks & copyright is owned by Want Ad Digest Inc., 870 Hoosick Rd, Troy, NY 12180. Published continuously since 1962. All infringements will be prosecuted. NOTE: It is a FEDERAL OFFENSE to use the mails to defraud. WE RESERVE the right to exercise our discretion in the type of ads, selection and duration of run. We assume no liability for composition errors. Ad text may be changed at the discretion of the publisher to fit the needs of the Want Ad Digest publication. Ads cannot be solicited by any person or business unless they intend to purchase the item. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our service, drop a note to: Customer Service Department, c/o Want Ad Digest, 870 Hoosick Rd, Troy, NY 12180.

Want Ad Digest Inc. Disclaimers & Rights: Want Ad Digest, Inc. and its staff makes every effort to assure that ads are published correctly. Want Ad Digest, Inc. and its staff will not be held responsible or assume any liability for typographical and composition errors, misinterpretation of advertising copy or the condition of advertised items, nor shall the advertiser be held responsible for misprints. Want Ad Digest, Inc. reserves the right to exercise discretion in the selection, editing and duration of run; to limit number of ads per customer, ad size; to abbreviate & condense, to remove any ad that it suspects contains incorrect information or refuse to print ads that are contrary to its policies, without notice to the advertiser. Want Ad Digest, Inc. reserves the right to verify the availability and proof of ownership of all advertised items. Advertisers with adverse payment history and/or unproductive accounts (those generally unable to produce sales) may be required to advertise on a prepaid non-refundable basis, at the sole discretion of Want Ad Digest, Inc.

Copyright of Ads: By agreeing to place an ad with Want Ad Digest, Inc, you hereby grant Want Ad Digest, Inc. your right, title and interest in the ad under United States copyright laws. Want Ad Digest, Inc. will have the right to publish, display all or any part of the ad and/or any derivation of the ad. In exchange for your assignment of copyright to Want Ad Digest, Inc., you retain, and are hereby granted, a non-exclusive right to publish, display and otherwise exploit the ad.
Email Policy: By placing an ad with the Want Ad Digest you will be added to our e-mail list. If you do not wish to receive promotional e-mails from the Want Ad Digest please use the unsubscribe link provided in the promotional email.

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