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Top Classic cars

Top Classic Cars

Classic cars can be great fun. Unlike modern models that quickly become outdated, classics like an AE86 Corolla remain relevant and timeless – while stunning vehicles such as BMW 2002 are also timeless and can easily be driven daily.

Even if you aren’t an avid car collector, these exquisite vehicles can still be appreciated as invaluable antiques.

1. Aston Martin DB5

The Aston Martin DB5 has long been considered a legendary icon of British automotive history. Made famous through James Bond’s use of it in Goldfinger, its grand tourer status and style have since made it one of the most desired cars on the market – original versions can fetch astounding sums when put under auction hammer; but owning one is an expensive proposition with even minor damage from supermarket trolleys having serious repercussions.

Aston Martin’s DB5 is an absolute beauty with its sensual lines and curvaceous bodywork, fast enough to reach 142mph, but its crowning glory may well be its incredible gadgets – including rear smokescreen delivery system, driver door telephone number, simulated radar screen tracker map simulation system and remote control for gadget activation.

No matter its flaws, the DB5 remains an elegant and desirable car, remaining an icon for style and luxury to this day. It serves as a reminder that great design should take precedence over raw horsepower; manufacturers like Ferrari who appear focused solely on raw horsepower should take note. Furthermore, its longstanding appeal serves as proof that glamour does not necessarily exclude spy culture or vice versa.

2. Chevrolet Camaro

As far as classic car enthusiast go, few can rival the timeless Chevrolet Camaro. First introduced as an direct challenger to Ford Mustang back in 1966, this muscle car still reigns supreme today; almost 50 years after its initial introduction. Chevy’s Camaro boasts numerous additional qualities to keep enthusiasts satisfied such as sleek styling, dynamic driving dynamics and powerful engines compared to Ford’s Mustang.

The Camaro can be outfitted with either a 275 horsepower turbo four, 335-horsepower 3.6-liter V-6 or its track-focused ZL1 variant’s 455 horsepower 6.2-liter V-8 for power. It can hit 60mph in just 4.1 seconds yet still maintain fuel economy figures of 16/24mpg!

True power fans may appreciate rare COPO Camaro models with pushrod big-block L72 engines designed for drag racing. These exclusive vehicles are hand-built in small quantities and sold exclusively to passionate collectors who often add them to an extensive car collection.

The Camaro stands apart among pony cars in its astonishing chassis tuning, providing an unprecedented car-and-driver connection, confident steering, capable brakes and communicative dance partner on any racetrack. Magneride active suspension provides even further enhancement of handling and ride quality for an unparalleled driving experience – no wonder it is considered one of the greatest American-made sports cars of all time.

3. Jaguar E-Type

The E-Type epitomizes classic British sports car design with its scythe-shaped bumpers, elegantly covered headlamps, toggle switches and toggle lock mechanisms. But it is more than just pretty; its 4.2-liter straight six engine can deliver serious power – Peter Sargent drove one into seventh place at Silverstone during Le Mans 24 hr race opening race that year at six-lap GT race opening up Le Mans 24hr race in 1967 at six lap GT race starting from Silverstone round six lap GT race that opened Le Mans 24 hour race from 1967 Le Mans 24hr race opening GT race that started off Le Mans 24 hour race that year!

Initial 3.8-litre cars were powered by triple SU carbureted XK engines; later versions with 4.2 litre engines appeared in 1964 and four-seater 2+2 configuration were made available for purchase by 1966. Furthermore, later cars featured improved brake systems and an enhanced Jaguar all synchromesh gearbox.

Jaguar still produces Series 1 cars as “reborns”, such as this 1965 Fixed Head Coupe sporting an original 4.2-litre engine and Gunmetal Grey paint finish, for sale through their dedicated E-Type specialists who replace rusted components while adding improvements like better cooling and an all-synchromesh gearbox from later Series 2 models. Both original and reborn examples should have their suspension checked regularly by specialists; look out for signs of leaks or worn shock absorbers; check brake system pads/callipers as well.

4. BMW 507

Max Hoffman of BMW Importers New York approached BMW about producing a roadster model to compete with Mercedes’ 300SL Gullwing roadster in order to fill a niche between lower-end British sports cars such as MG and Triumph and prohibitively costly Mercedes models. BMW agreed and created their 507 using 502 chassis; when complete it featured an attractive aluminum body designed by Studebaker designer Albrecht von Goertz.

Unfortunately, the 507 was an economic failure. Production costs associated with hand-made bodies drove its price beyond Hoffman’s target of $5,000; eventually costing more than its 300SL target and nearly bankrupting BMW. 252 507s were produced between 1956 and 1959 despite not proving financially successful; two were owned by Elvis Presley while American actor John Derek also owned one.

Though not an economic success, the BMW 507 remains an icon today thanks to its beautiful appearance and high-revving V8 engine. Dubbed the most desirable BMW ever built and selling for six digits at auctions; like many automotive icons it captures designers imaginations while providing drivers joy through experience of drive and design.

5. Dodge Viper GTS

The Dodge Viper GTS is an unmatched American sports car. Boasting an imposing 8.4-liter V10 engine, its performance puts every other sports coupe to shame.

Viper is an unconventional vehicle. There are no frills, no distractions; all it offers are its signature unique qualities – no power steering pump or modern amenities to ease access into its cramped cockpit, such as hot side pipes. Entering and exiting can either require an awkward drop into its seats, or two-handed climbing over them over hot side pipes; depending on road or track surface, ride stiffness is stiff while shifting can be heavy and cumbersome, yet none of this should matter; Viper knows exactly what it wants and doesn’t care one bit who doesn’t appreciate its unique characteristics – only what matters – unlike some cars!

The original Viper’s sales dwindled over the early 2000s, leading to several model year extensions and eventually its temporary discontinuation of production in 2007. Today, however, its return can be found even more refined than before; capable of sprinting to 60 in less than four seconds and reaching 200 mph on long, straight roads – but most importantly still making you feel like royalty when taken up a challenging racetrack!

6. Land Rover

The Land Rover Defender is an off-roader revived from its roots. Drawing inspiration from original workhorse models that have spent 50 years ferrying soccer teams through desert terrain or transporting gear for explorers in Siberia and Tierra del Fuego, its rugged look carries through into an interior boasting exposed rivets and magnesium beams along its dashboard.

Our 2022 Large Premium SUV of the Year boasts eye-catching luxury and off-road equipment, but still retains its solid reliability reputation – which makes this year’s model so fitting.

Though some Landie fans were critical of its new features, this version remains worthy of the legendary Landie nameplate. Still capable off-road and carrying more cargo than any vehicle in our 2022 large premium SUV test group.

At a time when many manufacturers were moving toward body-on-frame designs, only the Defender used its ruggedness as a competitive advantage. So sure was this brand of its vehicle’s capability that they offered conversion kits for it to accommodate fire engines, ambulances and even cherry picker hydraulic platforms!

The Defender 110 30th Anniversary Edition is based on the P300 S model and features white steel wheels, several option packages and off-road and utility accessories. Limited to 500 examples worldwide, this limited run uses the 2,052cc diesel overhead-valve engine which was similar to that which appeared in early ’60s models.

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