Shopping for Used Mopeds and Scooters for Sale

With the cost of gasoline rising all the time, moped scooters for sale have become more popular, as they are fairly inexpensive forms of transportation. Used moped scooters for sale are essentially a combination between bicycles and motorcycles - learn about moped and scooters before you buy; also, we'll cover NYS moped laws.

Although the terms "mopeds" and "scooters" are used interchangeably and together, there is technically a difference between the two. Mopeds, by definition, have pedals in addition to a small motor; the word "moped" means "motorized pedacycle." Motor scooters, on the other hand, are sort of mopeds stepped up a notch. They do not have pedals, and therefore do not fit the legal description of a moped.

Speaking of legal, if you are looking at moped scooters for sale, check with your local laws for regulations and requirements, because different states and areas define moped scooters for sale differently. For instance, NYS moped laws classify a moped as a "limited use motorcycle" - in other words, they must comply with motorcycle registration and licensing laws.

Additionally, the state divides mopeds for sale in New York into three further subcategories based on speed, and each of those classifications has differing regulations and restrictions. Class A includes moped scooters whose top speed is 30 to 40 miles per hour, Class B is 20 to 30 miles per hour, and Class C is 20 miles per hour or less. Class C moped scooters for sale do not require a license and can be ridden along the shoulder of the roads. Again, this is specifically in New York State. If you live in a different state and are looking into moped scooters for sale, visit the link at the bottom of the page to find the laws that are in your local area.

Although we have spoken about New York State specifically, know that Want Ad Digest is the leading classified ads business for the entire Northeast. If you are looking for local mopeds for sale, you can search by location to narrow down the ads you see. Try searching for a "used moped scooter MA" or "used moped scooters VT."

If you are looking at motor scooters specifically over mopeds, you will need to take into consideration gas versus electric models. Generally speaking, gas powered used moped scooters for sale have more advantages than electric: Gas models are meant to travel farther, faster, and can be less expensive. The main advantage electric models have over moped scooters for sale is that they are quieter.

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