Shopping for New and Used Yamaha Snowmobiles for Sale

Yamaha introduced their first snowmobile, the SL350 in 1968 – it was the first snowmobile with slide valve carburetors. Since then, they have come out with the SR433 in 1971, the infamous SRX440 in 1976, the Phazer snowmobile in 1984 with its lightweight design and excellent handling, the Vmax-4 in 1992, and so forth. Here, we are going to concentrate on some more recent Yamaha snowmobiles that you may be interested in purchasing.

First, let us take a look at 2011 Yamaha snowmobiles. The Apex 2011 Yamaha snowmobile consists of their new fuel-injected 4-cylinder Genesis engine, electric power steering, a Mono Shock II 128 rear suspension, and more. The electric power steering is constructed to maximize comfort while riding. Yamaha advertises the Apex as reliable and fun to ride.

The FX Nytro RTX of the 2011 Yamaha snowmobiles is meant for the toughest trails and is marketed towards “extrovert drivers.” The shock package on this snowmobile is considered to be the most adjustable on the market. Similarly, the FX Nytro was designed for “hard-riding sledders who like to mix it up;” in other words, this Yamaha snowmobile is excellent for rougher terrain or smoother rides.

The Phazer RTX of the 2011 lineup is the company’s lightest full-size 4 stroke sled. This snowmobile includes rear track shock, high performance Fox Float shocks, and more. Next, we have the RS Vector GT, which is advertised by Yamaha to “exceed your expectations” in terms of mid-performance sleds. This snowmobile includes a waterproof membrane inside of the seat cover – this extra layer prevents water and moisture from soaking in and subsequently freezing.

Although the RS Vector GT of 2011 was meant to exceed expectations, the company did improve this model even further for the line up of 2012 Yamaha snowmobiles, by adding electric power steering. Consequently, the Vector is one of the most popular Yamaha snowmobiles today. Also for 2012, the Phazer models got new wheels and new styling cues. In general, the 2012 Yamaha snowmobiles offer more power steering equipped sleds in addition to new track advancements.

You may not be able to find a 2011 or 2012 Yamaha snowmobile for sale here used, but do not shy away from older models. Yamaha has been a trusted and reliable brand for many years now, and you can likely find a great used model right here that will be more than adequate for your snowmobiling needs. Of course, if you can, you will want to test the snowmobile out in person before making that transaction final. Therefore, you can make sure you love it before you bring it home.

Don’t forget two important notions when browsing classified ads at Want Ad Digest: One, you can narrow down your search by make, model, year, or location (example: “Yamaha snowmobiles 2011 NY”) and two, we have new ads listed all the time, so do check back if you don’t see what you’re looking for.

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