Features of Used Golf Carts for Sale

Golf carts are increasingly becoming popular forms of transportation between short distances, in addition to their obvious use of getting around a golf course. Here in our Golf Cart classifieds section of Want Ad Digest, you can find a decent golf cart used from one of our accredited sellers.

Our ads are listed with the newest on the top, but you can search by location as well if you prefer. If you are looking for golf carts for sale in New York, go head and search, “golf carts for sale in NY.”

Before browsing golf cart classifieds, know what features you’re looking for in a golf cart – lights, windshield, etc. Also, consider if gas powered or electric powered would be better for you – electric powered golf carts must be plugged in after every use to allow the battery to recharge, while with gas powered golf carts, the battery functions in a similar way as a car battery.

Speaking of the battery, it may be the most important thing to check out in person when you are looking at that golf cart (you will want to check it out before buying, as you would with any vehicle). You can find the battery underneath the seat. The battery will have a letter between A and L on it, which refers to the month – A is January, B is February, up until L as December; it will also have the year. Golf cart batteries tend to last for five years, so if it is more than five years old, or if you can clearly see that it is deteriorating and corroding, then you’ll know it needs a new battery.

As with flaws in used cars, a repair that needs to be made such as the replacement of the battery is not necessarily a deal breaker, but it is something to be factored into the price. Golf cart batteries can run upwards of $200.

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