Can I report scam or phony ad?

Nov 07, 2018
We appreciate your feedback when you run across an ad that seems suspicious or too good to be true. We have a manual review process for the Ads that are posted, but once in a while an Ad gets through that shouldn’t be on our site. You can help us keep the site honest by reporting Ads that you don’t think are legit, the Lister doesn’t answer the phone or the item has already been sold. We check the Reporting list on a regular basis and will follow up on any complaints. You can find the "Report listing" link at the bottom of the listing page.

Important: There are scammers out there who may try to text you and offer to send you a check for your item sight unseen. Do not believe this offer as It is a scam. If the person texting you cant call you, or the number goes to a "text mail" number, it is probably a scam and you should ignore or delete the text. 
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