Used Trailers For Sale: Animal, Industrial, Snowmobile and Utility Trailers

Trailers for sale are available in a wide array of designs and sizes, each suited for different purposes. If you shop online here at Want Ad Digest, you can browse a large selection of used trailers for sale from the comfort of your own home. Here, we'll go over utility trailers, heavy duty trailers, horse trailers, and more.

To begin with, know what you will be using the trailer for. There are refrigerated trailers for moving food, ventilated trailers for transporting animals, pressurized trailers for hauling chemicals, heated trailers for cargo that is sensitive to cold weather, etc.



If you are looking for camper trailers for sale, or travel trailers for sale, then you may want to look into our Campers and RVs category here on the Want Ad Digest website. The trailers for sale here on this page are mainly for commercial use, such as utility trailers, heavy duty trailers, and horse trailers. If you do not find trailers for camping here, or you don't find the right trailer for camping for you, do check out our Campers and RVs page.

Remember when searching through our database that you can narrow down your results to something more specific, such as "used trailers for sale in NY" or "camper trailers for sale." And, if do not find what you are looking for here or in another section, do check back, because we have new classified ads listed all the time.

If you are happening to search for camper trailers for sale, consider searching for a tab trailer for sale - they are actually called T@B trailers, and they are lightweight, teardrop shaped camping trailers. Introduced in 2003, they have become quite popular. Again, if you do not find what you are looking for here, jump on over to our Campers and RVs section.

Moving on, utility trailers for sale are used for transporting materials for businesses purposes - they are essentially large platforms, and they can also be called hauling trailers, so try searching for hauling trailers for sale as well as utility. Heavy duty trailers for sale, as the name suggestions, are equipped to handle larger loads of equipment. Horse trailers for sale are of course for transporting horses, or other livestock or animals.

When you begin browsing trailer ads, you will also need to take into consideration that you will need a vehicle that can handle towing the trailer. Longer trailers are ideal for distributing the weight of a heavy load, but are more difficult to maneuver in tight spaces or if you are turning.

Likewise, smaller trailers are easier to operate, but have less storage space and limited load capacity. Smaller trailers can be better for personal consumer use over major commercial use. A 4 x 6 utility trailer for sale, or a 4 x 8 cargo trailer for sale, are two popular searches amongst people looking for a smaller trailer for sale. With trailers for camping, it is okay to go with a smaller model, provided you still have adequate room for the people you want to bring with you camping, and the appropriate gear and supplies you'll need.

Dumpster trailers for sale, also called simply “dump trailers,” are constructed for transporting looser materials, such as dirt. These trailers then have the means to “dump” the cargo out onto the work site. Trailers like these tend to be “open” trailers, meaning that the materials being carried are exposed to the elements.

Of course, regardless of the type or size of the trailer you are looking for, it is a good idea to ask the seller lots of questions about what they used their trailer for sale for. Above all, you want your trailer to be able to transport what you need it to.

Utility trailers for sale are basically an extension of the vehicle you are pulling it with - therefore, all break lights and fixtures of that nature need to be in working order. Utility trailers are available as an open or enclosed trailer for sale. An open trailer for sale will have the materials you are transporting exposed to weather elements; if you are not worried about moisture or anything affecting what you are transporting, this could be a cheaper way to go. Also, an open trailer for sale tends to be lighter and therefore drag less. An enclosed trailer for sale is more expensive, but provides more protection and added security.

Brakes on utility trailers can be either electric or hydraulic surge. Electric brakes are more common, and recommended. They connect the brakes in the trailer directly to the towing vehicle that it is attached to. With hydraulic surge breaks, the breaks are not connected to the vehicle towing the trailer, but instead include an actuating cylinder. Basically, with hydraulic breaks, the trailer is able to "sense" that the towing vehicle is breaking and it in turn breaks. Hydraulic surge breaks can be more troublesome, require more maintenance, and also tend to be more expensive.

Heavy duty trailers for sale can go under other names, so if you do not find what you are looking for right away try searching for the following: cargo trailer for sale, industrial trailer for sale, and equipment trailer for sale. Heavy duty trailers are able to handle heavy loads, some even up to 300 tons! With heavy duty trailers for sale, you will want to know the exact measurements and weight of what you plan to tow. Be sure to ask the seller what the towing capacity is for the heavy duty trailer.

Horse trailers for sale are designed to provide a safe and comfortable environment for the horses or other animals that you are transporting. Horses tend to be rather claustrophobic, so the more light and ventilation in the horse trailer the less stressful the trip will be for them. If you are looking for a horse trailer value guide, we have a couple of a links to assist you at the bottom of this page.

If you are planning on transporting one or two horses, a tag-along trailer would be adequate - these trailers for sale are attached to a hitch that is connected to the frame of the towing vehicle. If you need to move more than two horses at one time, then you will need a gooseneck trailer for sale - this is a trailer that attaches to the hauling vehicle by an adjustable pole or beam. Regardless of the type of horse trailer for sale you go for, do not forget to always stop periodically when traveling with animals to give them food, water, and allow them to rest.

When it comes to trailers for sale, whether they are utility trailers or camper trailers for sale, most are made out of either steel or aluminum. Steel is stronger and less expensive, but it can rust. Aluminum is not as strong, is more expensive, and it will not rust but it can corrode.

Here are a few terms to familiarize yourself with when browsing trailer classifieds:
Coupler: the part of the trailer that connects to the hitch ball
Undercarriage: the part of the trailer that supports the vehicle from underneath; axes are attached
Chassis: the frame of the trailer; the undercarriage is part of the chassis

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