Tips On Buying Used Boats for Sale

If you are looking to buy a used boat online, look no further than the hundreds of boat ads here at Want Ad Digest. Here, we offer everything from pontoons for sale by owner to fishing boats for sale by owner; we also have motorboats, kayaks, canoes, large boats for sale, small boats for sale, and everything in between.

Here, we will provide for you the following information to assist you in your quest for a boat: How to search for boats through our classifieds, why you want to buy used over new, different kinds of boats and their subsequent uses (fishing boats vs cruising boats, for instance), types of boating activities, safety tips for operating a boat, questions to ask the seller about the boat, and things to look out for when testing the boat in person. Furthermore, we provide tips for sellers as well as buyers, and we have additional links for further information and boat clubs.

Do not forget when you are searching boat classifieds online with Want Ad Digest you can narrow your search to specify the type of boat and/or the location. You can search for "used pontoon boats for sale by owner," or for "fishing canoes for sale." If you want to go by your location, search for "boats for sale Rochester NY," "boats for sale Buffalo NY," "boats for sale Albany NY," or “sailboats for sale in NY.” You can do a search such as “boat dealers Albany NY” or just “used boats Albany NY.” You could find a boat dealer, or simply used boats for sale by owners such as private individuals.

When you think about the fact that two-thirds of the Earth's surface is covered in water a boat sounds more and more like a fantastic investment - a boat will permit you to visit more of the planet than you could by car. All of the following can be open to you for your own personal travels: lakes, bays, rivers, sounds, harbors, islands, oceans, and seas. Also, boating is a great way to spend time on the water outdoors with family and friends.

Indeed, there are many reasons to take up boating. Some people buy a boat for socializing purposes; they want to join clubs, such as a yacht club, or participate in fishing tournaments. Others simply wish to have a fun way to entertain their friends and family. And then, there are the individuals who engage in recreational racing or high-performance boating.

When it comes to deciding between purchasing a new boat and a used boat, do keep in mind that used and new boats are treated the same when it comes to rates and down payments for loans. Although, do remember to plan for more financing if you are buying a boat that is over 15 years old, or one that needs a lot of repairs. However, do not be scared away by an older boat, because the life of a boat can last 50 years or even longer.

There are many used boats for sale by owners aged 5 to 20 years available where the seller has taken excellent care of the boat. Moreover, used boats typically come with a few bumps and dings, so you will not feel as bad if you happen to accidentally knock the boat into a dock.

The number one reason to buy used is that the depreciation of new boats is at its highest during the first season of use. If you buy used, you can avoid this gigantic depreciation. Depreciation on a used boat kept in decent condition should even out with regular maintenance and the needed equipment improvements. Indeed, in most cases when purchasing a boat you will probably want to go the used route, unless you are a financially stable person who needs to have everything picture perfect and of the latest make and model, in which case you may want to go with a new boat.

Assuming that you have decided to go with a used boat, before you start searching Want Ad Digest's classified listings for boat ads there are a few questions you should ask yourself, so as to narrow down what you are looking for. The more you know about the type of boat you are seeking the more confidant you can be when you make that final transaction and you become the owner of an awesome used boat.

Where will you be boating? Some boats are designed for navigating oceans, while others are perfect for smaller, calm lakes. What are you and your family's interests? Fishing, and/or hunting? Water skiing? Entertaining guests? Furthermore, where will your boat be stored? Are you allowed and able to park it at your home? Moreover, does your prior boating background match the abilities needed to operate the kind of boat that you are intending to purchase?

Now that you have a few general ideas of what you intend to get out of your used boat purchase, let us take a look at types of boating activities, and thus, boats. Cruising, fishing, and water sports are the three main boating activities; some boats can be used for two or all three of these boating passions, but most are built primarily for one particular use. Also, some can come equipped with overnight cabins while others are strictly daytime boats. Of course, feel free to ask the seller what they used their boat for.

Here are some varieties of cruising boats:
Bowrider: a motorboat with an open bow equipped with seating; a daytime boat (these boats are larger than standard small motor boats for sale)
Deck boat: deck boats for sale by owner are typically power boats with open decks and a decent amount of seating for passengers
Pontoon boat: a flat-bottomed boat connected to air-tight flotation tubes or logs
High-performance boat: a high-speed boat designed to be aesthetically appealing, and to get boaters from point A to point B very quickly; often used in races
Express cruiser: used for multiple day trips
Trawler boat: a recreational boat that bears resemblance to fishing trawlers
Motor yachts: a variety of motor-driven boats used for recreational purposes or racing

To expand upon one of the above types of boats, "pontoon boats for sale by owner" is a popular search in boat ads. Pontoon boats are usually lightweight and run on an outboard motor. It is important to mention that because of the way they are made, pontoon boats are only functional in calm waters, such as a serene lake. Also, pontoon boats are considered "party boats" because of their slow paced, relaxing way of operating, so those who are into boating for the purpose of entertaining guests may want to try searching for pontoon boats for sale by owner.

Next, we shall take a look at different kinds of fishing boats for sale by owner that you may find here in our classifieds. Fishing boats are designed with open areas in the back to increase deck space used for fishing. These boats are typically either designed for fresh water fishing, or saltwater fishing. Don't hesitate to ask what kind of fishing was done with used fishing boats for sale by owners. For instance, trawlers for sale by owner, which we will expand upon momentarily, are used with nets that are pulled through the water.

Fresh water fish like bass and other fish that dwell in ponds and lakes tend to be faster than saltwater fish. Consequently, fresh water fishing boats have high-performance hulls and are capable of traveling at speeds of more than a mile a minute. Saltwater fishing boats, on the other hand, come in a variety of options and sizes depending on where they are planning on being used. Some are designed for going offshore and often have twin or triple engines, while others are cuddy cabin boats with fairly spacious living arrangements.

Below, consider some different types of fishing boats:
Bass boats: as the name suggests, bass fishing boats for sale are small boats constructed specifically for bass fishing
Flat boat: these are small boats for sale; it is a saltwater fishing boat that typically features a raised platform where a person can push a long pole to discreetly navigate through shallow waters; these boats are meant for waters one to four feet deep, and are ideal for sneaking up on a fish
Center console boats: a kind of single-decked open hull boat wherein the console of the boat is in the center; there are cabins on some models
Cuddy cabin: a boat with a small cabin, typically used for fishing
Walk arounds: a boat with a full length-primary deck or cockpit
Open express: combines being able to fish with having enough room for guests
Convertible sportsfishermen: a boat that "converts" from a cruiser to a sport fishing boat
Jon boats: flat-bottomed boats made of aluminum or wood with one to three bench seats; these are especially helpful for hunting as they have an increased level of stability

Finally, we have water sports boats. These boats are arranged for those who wish to water-ski or to go tubing. Water sports boats are suggested for experienced water sports enthusiasts:
Personal watercraft: a small, jet-powered boat that looks like a snowmobile and is ridden straddled; for single use
Ski-boat: a boat especially designed to safely tow one or more water skiers
Wakeboard boats: boats that are equipped with a device that creates a large wake (wake = track of waves left by a ship) so a water skier can jump the wakes from side to side
Jetboat: propelled by a jet of water displaced from the back of the boat; it brings the water in underneath the boat through a pump
Inflatable boat: a lightweight boat created with its side and bow made of flexible tubing

There are a few more types of boats to consider that Want Ad Digest features, such as kayaks and canoes for sale. Both are single use small boats for sale, although kayaks for sale are generally a bit smaller than canoes for sale. Kayaks have a double blade paddle, while canoes have a single blade paddle. The rider sits with their legs stretched out in front of them in a kayak, and they sit on their knees at the bottom of the boat in a canoe (if they are smart - otherwise they stand and tip over).

Some of you may be searching our boat ads for sailboats for sale by owner. "Sailboats for sale by owner" is a broad term that could refer to very large sailboats, or smaller vessels. Sailboats can be bought for the purpose of racing, as in a sport or for a competition, or they can be used recreationally for cruising. For most boaters, you will probably want to try searching for small sailboats for sale.

Last but not least, there are dive boats, which are boats that scuba divers use to get to a diving site that they could not reach by swimming from the shore. These are fast, small boats for sale. Regardless of the type of the boat that you are interested in buying - although again we reiterate have a good idea of what you want before you start searching - there are some general tips that are applicable to all types of used boats for sale by owners that you may be looking into.

Firstly, do not rush the buying process, especially if you are new to the boating world. The cheapest option is not necessarily the best, as inexpensive parts tend to fail sooner. We would recommend buying the highest-quality boat that you can afford. On a related note, depending on the size of the boat and its quarters, it may be considered a second home for tax deduction purposes.

Buying a boat is essentially a lifestyle choice. In fact, it is the second biggest purchase that most people make next to buying a home. Remember that the bigger the boat is, the more additional features there will be - cabins, galleys (kitchens), heads (toilet areas). Bigger boats cost more both to buy and to operate. recommends that a decent size boat for a first time owner would be no larger than 22 to 24 feet. Moreover, the fewer systems a boat has, the fewer things that can potentially go wrong.

Please make sure that you have the necessary paperwork in order before you buy a boat online. Local laws have been cracking down on illegal boating and are enforcing these regulations more than ever before, so make sure your ducks are all in a row. In fact, most states require that you have at minimum a boating certificate ensuring that you have passed an approved boating coarse; you should consider taking a boating coarse in any event because the more you know the safer you will be.

Additional things to consider about the boat that you buy: Weight - a heavier boat may ride better overall, and prove more powerful, but you also will need a larger engine to go at the same speed that a lighter boat can go. And, there is a need for a larger storage space during the off season than there is with small boats for sale.

Secondly, ideal cruising speed - where you go will determine how you operate your boat the majority of the time; you will also want to check fuel consumption and range. Thirdly, noise levels - not all boats with the same engines yield to the same type of sounds. Many elements contribute to the sound of the boat: vibrations, constructural thickness, etc.

Boating is very different from driving a car. There is much more to boating then turning on the key and pulling away from the dock. When you are operating a boat you need to take into consideration wind, waves, tides, weather, and other boat traffic. It should go without saying that, as with buying a used car online, when buying a used boat online you will want to make an appointment to both see the boat in person, and to test-drive it; you may also wish to hire a professional to inspect the item in addition to yourself. With regard to boats, this person would be a marine surveyor.

Ask the seller as many questions as possible, prior to going to check out the boat in person. Asking the right questions can save you a lot of time and potentially, a lot of money as well. Whether you are looking at sailboats for sale by owner or pontoon boats for sale by owner, find out as much as you can about the boat for sale, including whether or not it has any leaks, what kind of water it has been in, and if there has been more than one owner of the vessel. These types of questions may play a factor in whether or not you arrange a meeting with the seller, and could determine if you plan to move forward with your purchase or walk away.

When you have found a seller who has a boat that matches your needs and plans, and you are ready to do an on-water test ride to see how the boat operates, take a look at the following: Look for easy-shifting engine controls. Make sure that you can maneuver the boat fairly easily at low speeds. Does the boat track straight at speed? Do minor waves cause the boat to pound against the water?

Listen for unusual sounds. Ask the seller what items you will need to have checked routinely, such as power steering fluid levels - how easy is it to reach these pieces of equipment? Finally, ask if there is a maintenance log or records. Then, you can decide how much work needs to be done on the boat and factor that cost in.

Other expenses to keep in mind besides the initial purchase of the boat itself are principle and interest on a loan, if applicable, storage, personal property taxes, and maintenance. You must keep your boat oiled, gassed, and stocked with the needed safety equipment. A life preserver for each passenger is required as well as flares, a life ring, and a whistle in the event your boat gets stalled out at sea. Moreover, next to drowning, fires on boats are the second most common fatality, so consider bringing a fire extinguisher on board if possible.

Of course, you are also going to have to look into insurance. You will need to insure the boat after registering it with the state. The dealer or your finance company should be able to assist you with this. Also, you will need to register the boat as a US Flag vessel if it is 30 feet or larger.

If you are interested in selling a used boat, please feature as many pictures as possible, taken from several different angels, and do both the interior and the exterior, as well as any special equipment. Before posting a boat online in our boat ads we encourage you to fully clean the entire vessel. Furthermore, include the following information: when you purchased the boat, any special features, installment dates and price paid for said features, and if you have maintenance records do be sure to include that information as well.

As mentioned earlier, buying a boat is often the second biggest purchase a person will make in their lifetime, next to buying a home. We here at Want Ad Digest want you to be equipped with all of the knowledge necessary before going into a significant purchase such as a used boat. When you know exactly what you are looking for, how much you can spend on it (while factoring in additional expenses such as maintenance), and what necessary red tape you need to go through to own this amazing vessel, you can enter into your transaction confident that you will be satisfied with this boat for many years to come. Remember that we have new boat ads listed all the time here, so do check back if you don’t find what you’re looking for right away in used boats for sale by owners.

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