Tips for Buying and Selling Used Cars through Classified Ads

If you are in the market to buy a used car, you probably already know that there are three main avenues to explore used cars for sale: private parties, used car sections of new car dealerships, or independent used car lots. Of these options, private parties - particularly through Want Ad Digest's classified ads - tend to have the most reasonable prices and the most seamless transactions. Here, we go over some tips for navigating through ads for used cars, what to look for when seeing the car in person, and we'll also cover how to go about selling a used car.


First of all, why buy used? On average, new cars lose 25% of their value immediately after leaving the dealership. Moreover, even cars that are only a year old are up to 30% cheaper than brand new cars. Unless you are the type of person who must have the latest make and model, buying your car used is likely the best way to go. Used vehicles come with many of the same perks as newer models, but have the advantage of costing the least amount of money. Their value is determined by overall presentation, mileage, reliability, efficiency, and reputation. The instant availability of the online marketplace has made it the foremost means of researching and making purchases. When it comes to used cars for sale, Want Ad Digest offers a number of advantages to buyers and sellers.

Indeed, going car shopping in person can be a draining and arduous task. Shopping for used cars for sale with Want Ad Digest can prove to be the least stressful way to go about making this major purchase. You can browse ads used cars are featured on by make or model, and you can look through pictures before deciding to see the car in person.

Here at Want Ad Digest, you can search as broad a term as "ads used cars" or you can get more specific with a search like "ad cars Saturn" or "car ads Ford." You can also search by location, such as "ads for used cars in Massachusetts" or "ads for used cars in Albany NY."

When taking into consideration what model car is right for you, it can be a good idea to have three different cars instead of just one in mind; you may need to expand your scope when thinking about what to buy. For instance, if you have your heart set on a Honda Accord, also be prepared to consider a Toyota Camry or a Nissan Altima. All three cars are built for the same market but have differing characteristics and can have different prices as well.

The majority of ads for used cars listed on Want Ad Digest include pictures, thereby making the process of inspecting the car a bit easier, but as alluded to earlier a test drive should always be scheduled before you purchase a used car. When seeing the car in person, some signs that it may have been in a serious accident are clamp marks in the frame (suggesting the car has been in a frame machine), variations in paint color, or poorly closing trunks, hoods, or doors. Also, if a major replacement is needed, such as the tires are bald, you should try to get the price of the car reduced.

When taking the test drive, which you should try to schedule during the daytime so you can more precisely assess the condition of the car, ask yourself if the car is a good fit for you. How does it feel sitting behind the wheel? Do you have enough leg and head room? Can you reach the controls easily? When driving, try to imitate your typical driving patterns - if you travel on highways a lot, for instance, do so. Also, test the following points on the drive: visibility (blind spots), engine noise, hill-climbing ability, cargo space, and breaking.

You may want to set up an appointment with a mechanic to get the car checked out prior to signing or buying anything. Another option if you are concerned about the background of the car is for you to check out companies that sell vehicle history reports. These reports are collected from several sources, including insurance companies and motor vehicle departments. These reports can tell you about accident reports filed, theft, if the odometer has been rolled back, etc. However, it is not absolutely necessary to buy a history report, especially if you are buying a used car from Want Ad Digest's reputable sellers. Do not be shy to ask the seller any questions about the car that you may have - ask about maintenance records, previous crashes, mileage, and recent repairs on replacements. Remember, if there is a significant repair that needs to be done, such as replacing bald tires, the price of the car should be reduced to compensate that. When you are ready to purchase your used car, make sure that when the payment is made the title and registration is properly transferred. Also, make sure that you have insurance for the car.

On the other side of the trade, if you are looking to sell a used car you have also come to the right place. Using Want Ad Digest, online sellers get to show their vehicles to a large regional and sometimes national audience. Want Ad Digest, however, is also a print publication. By using both mediums to feature ads for used cars, sellers are likely to get a greater response when listing their vehicle for sale; this also makes it much more likely that only those who are seriously interested in making a purchase will initiate contact. Furthermore, sellers can often save money on the cost of storing vehicles that they no longer use, since they are likely to sell faster than cars only listed through local advertising methods.

Although sellers do have to pay to advertise, classified ads are listed at reasonable rates, allowing sellers to pocket most of the money they earn when their used cars are purchased. In fact, pricing considerations can help sellers make even more money for each vehicle they list - simply browse data on other used cars to get feel for what kind of price you should ask for with your used car. Moreover, buyers selling vehicles with low gas mileage, or those who have made major improvements, such as adding a new set of quality tires, replacing the transmission, or getting a fresh paint job, will usually find that more buyers are interested and competitive pricing can go up. Regardless, when you are selling a used car you will want to provide as many pictures as possible so that shoppers can view the vehicle from every angle.

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