Shopping for Used Suzuki ATVs for Sale

Although Suzuki started out in Japan's textile industry in 1909, today the company is one of the best known ATV brands. Here at Want Ad Digest, where we have been in the classified ads business for 50 years, we will go over a little background information on the company, as well as some specific types of Suzuki ATVs for sale to consider.

Suzuki ATVs for sale
Suzuki began producing engines for bicycles after World War II, which paved the way for them to start making motorcycles and additional vehicles. Suzuki's subsequent experience with motorcycles and automobiles naturally allowed them to begin to produce ATVs. The first Suzuki ATV for sale, the QuadRunner 125, came out in 1983, and this was the first four-wheel ATV. The company is also responsible for the creation of the first youth ATV, the Suzuki LT50 in 1984. This Suzuki ATV weighs only 106 pounds. By introducing a Suzuki ATV that was safe for kids to use, Suzuki was able to effectively showcase ATV riding as a family activity.

Today, Suzuki's ATVs are best known for their utility line, although they do offer sports ATVs as well. If you are looking for a new or used Suzuki ATV for sale for farm work, construction work, or hunting, you will want to go with one of their KingQuad ATVs. There is the KingQuad 400 F Si, the KingQuad 400 A Si, the KingQuad 500, the KingQuad 750, and so forth.

Newer models of the King Quad 400 Suzuki ATVs for sale have been created with an electronic fuel injection system and a digital speedometer; digital speedometers are now a standard feature on any Suzuki ATV for sale. If you are browsing our classified ads you are likely looking for a used Suzuki ATV, in which case you may want to ask the seller if the electronic fuel injection system and/or the digital speedometer are included. The KingQuad 750 has been described as having the "gutsy" performance of utility ATVs combined with the lightweight comfort and ease of sports ATVs.

The QuadSport Suzuki ATV for sale is used primarily for racing or recreation. The QuadSport Z250 is in particular designed for comfort and convenience. The QuardRacer R450 Suzuki ATV, which came out as a limited edition, looks just like the ideal racing vehicle. This Suzuki ATV for sale is built to endure long distance travel on the toughest terrain.

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