Pet Cats and Kittens for Sale: Buying Tips Through Classifieds

If you are looking to buy a cat or a kitten for the first time we have tips here to navigate you through the process as you begin to browse through ads. We'll go over here what to consider before buying a cat or a kitten, how to prepare your home beforehand, questions to ask the seller, and more.

Provided that you do the appropriate research and preparation required, buying a pet online can actually be a safe, rewarding, and money saving experience. At Want Ad Digest, we are the prime classified ads business in the Northeast, and we connect reputable sellers with buyers every day.

Regardless of where you buy your new cat or kitten from, there are a few key things to take into consideration beforehand: Is it possible that you or someone in your household is allergic? Do you have someone in mind for who will cat-sit if you are out of town on vacation or business? Do you already have pets at home who will need to be included in this transition as well?

Buying any pet is a long term decision - they are not a toy that can be cast aside. Therefore, do your research beforehand on what is involved in caring for a cat, what kind of cat you want to buy, and how much money you will need to invest to care for the cat, including vet visits, food, litter, etc.

Before bringing the cat into your home, you will want to prepare the house. Buy any supplies you need that you do not already have: feeding bowl, water bowl, cat food, kitty litter, cat bed, cat toys, travel carrier, and a litter box. If you are getting a kitten, you want to hide dangerous items in the house such as electrical cords that they may be tempted to chew on.

Cats are territorial, and get nervous in new environments (some don't even like the furniture being rearranged), so consider putting aside a small area that is just for the cat to call his own, at least during the first few weeks. Put his food, water, toys, litter box, etc, all in this area.

At the bottom of this page, we have included links to help you deciding on matters such as a cat versus a kitten, long hair versus shorthair cats, etc. Regardless of what type of cat you end up going with, you will want to ask the seller a certain number of questions: Where did they get the cat? Why are they giving him up now? What have they been feeding him? Is there anything else included in the sale, such as the cat's toys? Most importantly, you need to ask to see medical records, including vaccinations.

See the cat in person before buying so you have a chance to check him out and ensure he is both healthy and a good fit for you and your family. Make sure the cat is not sneezing or wheezing, and has no nasal discharge. Ideally, he will be friendly as well.

At Want Ad Digest, we allow you to narrow your search down in our classified ads to better specify what you are looking for. For instance, if you are on this page, you are already in a subcategory of Pets - you are looking specifically at Cats and Kittens. Similarly, you can narrow down your search to location as well. For example, try searching for "kittens for sale NYC," “Siamese kittens for sale in NY,” “cats for sale NYC,” or “Siamese kittens Albany NY.” Indeed, if you are looking for kittens for sale in NYC, for instance, you can try that search term, or “kittens for adoption NYC,” etc. Remember that different sellers will advertise using different times. Also, keep in mind that we have new classified ads listed every day, so do check back if you don’t find what you were hoping for immediately.
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