Other Types of Used ATVs For Sale Like 6 Wheelers

If you are looking at our ATV "Other" category, you are likely looking for a 6 wheeler for sale. Here, we are going to explore exactly what a 6 wheeler ATV is, along with a few common models that you may find here in our classified ads.

Six wheeler ATVs, also called 6x6 ATVs, are amphibious vehicles in that they can operate in water as well as on land. Six wheel ATVs are made with 6 wheels with 3 on either side. Some models today have rubber tracks that fit over the 6 wheels, which increase traction.

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Built like a miniature tank, a 6 wheeler for sale steers by halting on one side and propelling forward with the other. Most can go about 25 miles per hour on land, and 4 miles per hour in water; the one disadvantage to a 6 wheeler for sale is that it is not built for speed. These vehicles for the most part are meant to travel at lower speeds.

A 6 wheeler for sale can be used on nearly any terrain. Because they are amphibious, swampy areas are prefect for traveling by a 6 wheeler for sale. They can also be used for cruising lakes, climbing hills, maintaining snowmobile trails, hunting, land search and rescue, and of course, hauling stuff.

A few of the more popular 6 wheelers are the 2007 Polaris Sportsman 6x6, the 2011 Polaris Sportsman Big Boss, and a 2000 Max Max2. The Max is an older version of a 6 wheeler for sale, and so it may be cheaper. Although it can handle water, it does not have the storage capabilities of other 6 wheelers. The Polaris Sportsman models are well established and thus easy to find parts for, if need be.

The Big Boss is a newer model of a 6 wheeler for sale, so it may be a bit more expensive, but it is worth it: the Big Boss is considered the most conventional current 6 wheeler for sale that other 6 wheelers must live up to.
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