Inudstrial and Heavy Equipment for Sale by Owner: Dozers, Excavators, Backhoes

Here at Want Ad Digest, where we have been in the classified ads business for a half a century, we are going to take a look at all that is involved in buying used heavy equipment for sale: Why you want to buy through our ads specifically (as compared to buying new, or buying from an auction), what kind of projects heavy equipment can be used for, tips for buying the right machine, different types of excavators, different types of booms, buckets, etc, and what to look for when examining the machinery in person.


If you are interested in browsing heavy equipment or construction equipment for sale by owner, then you likely are either in a construction business, are looking to start one, or you are simply working on large-scale projects for your home. Regardless, not everyone can afford to buy brand new construction equipment. By shopping at Want Ad Digest, you can find huge cost savings when purchasing used heavy equipment for sale, while still meeting all of the safety and additional requirements.

Remember when shopping with Want Ad Digest, you can browse all our Heavy Equipment classifieds, or you can narrow down your search by a specific equipment piece, and/or by location. For instance, you can search for "used construction equipment for sale in NJ," or "used excavator for sale in NY."

Just because equipment is used it does not mean that the machinery is unreliable or in bad shape; if you buy the right machine it will work accurately and last a long time. Many used excavators and other used construction equipment for sale by owner can cost up to half as less as their newer counterparts.

Many people buy used heavy equipment for sale through auctions - the downside to this is that you can get pressured by the time constraint and you may not be able to commit enough time into researching and checking out the item for sale. It could be a huge risk - you could end up buying a machine with a lot of issues. Testing out used construction equipment for sale by owner can rid you of many worries about the equipment. Indeed, like purchasing any other equipment or vehicle for sale, you will want to perform both a visual and a performance inspection on the used heavy equipment for sale; or, have a mechanically inclined person do so.

Used construction equipment for sale by owner that you may find here can be utilized in the following areas: development work, mining sites, forestry or river cleaning, and basically any job that involves lifting, loading, and transporting. Regardless of the type of used construction equipment for sale that you are looking into, there are some universal tips to keep in mind to ensure that you end up purchasing durable heavy equipment that you can be happy with.

Even if the machine is not in perfect condition, it does not mean that it is not worth buying; however, a bent frame or missing parts could indicate that the equipment has not been treated well. To put your mind at ease, you may want to hire a building gear mechanic to inspect the equipment, so you can ensure that the motor and other vital parts are in good shape.

Ask to see maintenance records of any used construction equipment for sale by owner - know the manufactured date and the date of the last service. Pay attention to see if any parts of been replaced. Also, you will want to plan ahead and make sure that you have insurance to cover any used heavy equipment for sale that you may end up purchasing.

Know how you plan to transport the equipment after the purchase to your place of business or work site. You can rent a truck from a construction company if need be - in fact, many sellers offer rental services in general, so if you only expect to be using the heavy equipment for a single project, renting instead of buying may be more appealing to you.

Excavators are one of the main types of used heavy equipment for sale by owner here at Want Ad Digest. Excavators are used to dig trenches, foundations, are used in forestry work, landscaping, dredging, etc. Excavators for sale have a boom, stick, and bucket: the boom (also called the dipper) is the arm that attaches to the house to provide the digging power, the stick is attached to the end of the boom, and the bucket is on the end of the stick - these components can come in several different configurations, depending on what you are planning on using the excavator for.

Most booms are mono booms which do not move other than up and down; others can move left and right along with the machine. The stick attached to the end of the boom provides the force to dig into the ground. The bucket on the end of the stick can come in many different forms: There are wide, large capacity buckets; general purpose buckets, which are smaller and stronger; toothed buckets for trenching; wider buckets without teeth for leveling and cleaning; buckets used specifically for separating rocks and stones from soil, etc. If you buy a bucket that is too big you could end up overloading the machine, or in extreme cases, cause it to tip over. So, do make sure if you are looking for buckets for sale for an excavator that you purchase one that is compatible with the type of excavator you have or are planning on buying.

Tracks are another main aspect of excavators that you'll find in heavy equipment classifieds - tracks on these types of used construction equipment for sale can be rubber or steel. Rubber performs better on pavement or on landscaped areas because they are good at reducing surface damage, whereas steel tracks are more durable and provide excellent traction on loose dirt.

The cab is where the operator sits. Enclosed cabs are becoming more popular because they protect the operator from all weather elements, and in addition often include heat and air conditioning. If you are at your most comfortable when operating your excavator then you can be working at your best.

Mini excavators, or compact excavators, are of course smaller than typical excavators for sale. You will need to be aware of how much the machine weights, and how much it can dig, to ensure that a mini excavator can get the job done. If you buy a machine that is too small, the project will not be finished, but if you buy one that is too big then there will be unnecessary extra fuel consumption and additional costs.

Many mini excavators offer booms that offset or swing - this feature moves the entire digging arm left or right or to the center. This allows the used construction equipment for sale to dig a trench parallel to its own tracks, and in tight, close conditioners. Mini excavators with zero tail swing are able to pivot their cabs within the width of the tracks, preventing the operator from ever hitting anything with the back part of the cab. Also, many mini excavators for sale come equipped with a backfill or dozer blade that attaches below the boom; this is to make it easier to level after you are done digging, without needing to switch attachments.

Crawler excavators are another type of used excavators for sale and their main function is to dig holes into the ground. However, with the right equipment and attachments, crawler excavators can be turned into a different type of machinery. This type of used heavy equipment for sale by owner is used for construction, earthwork, mining, and roads; also, less commonly demolitions, forestry, and lake and river cleaning.

If you are looking at used bulldozers for sale, as with any other type of used construction equipment for sale by owner, you need to know what you intend to use the machine for. Do you need a mini bulldozer, or one that can handle very large tasks? Regardless of the size of the bulldozer for sale, the following must be adequately maintained: batteries, radiator fan, hoses, belt tension, and oil levels.

Used bulldozers, or used dozers for sale by owner, often sell for quite a bit less than brand new, and still contain all the same advantageous qualities. Ask the seller how many hours the lift has been used - most used bulldozers for sale have an hour counter that keeps track of the running time. After purchasing a bulldozer, keep the forks fully lowered when it is not in use to reduce strain on the machine, and store it in a dry place to avoid rust, paint peeling, etc. If you do not find used dozers for sale by owner here in our Heavy Equipment category, pop on over to our Farm classifieds section; bulldozers are technically tractors and may be listed under such.

Forklifts are yet another kind of used construction equipment for sale by owner that you may be interested in browsing for your heavy equipment needs. If the machine is going to be operated indoors then you may want to consider an electric forklift. Know the size and weight of the load you will be moving, as well as the height you need to lift this load.

When you are checking out the used heavy equipment for sale in person prior to the final purchase, do not forget to bring a mechanically inclined person along with you if you do not feel you can perform the inspection adequately yourself. First, let us look at the visual inspection: be aware that paint jobs can be used to cover up problems. Look out for rust or defective parts or attachments. Do an inspection underneath the vehicle to check for leaks.

Inspecting the engine of the machine is important - is it grimy? If so, that could indicate it has been used for a long period of time. Also, look for soot from smoke, battery corrosion, and of course, leakage. In fact, the most typical problem in many used excavators for sale is the engine leaking.

Listen to the hydraulic system - how does it sound? Do you smell anything weird, like something burning? How do the controls feel? Do not just look at the used construction equipment for sale but use your other senses as well - what it sounds like, smells like, and feels like.

If it is an excavator you are looking at, be sure to check out the cab, stick, boom, and bucket. Look for welds on these attachments that look like they were not there when the machine was originally made (out of place welding). The boom and stick should not bend, stick, or twist. Make sure that nothing is bent underneath the bucket; if there is, it could suggest that the excavator was performing jobs that were beyond its capacity.

Check for slackness between pins in the pivot points. The pivot point between the boom and the body can be very expensive to replace. Also, look at the tracks, undercarriage, and the cylinders. How much wear is there on the tracks? If they are near the end of their life that should be factored into the price. The cylinders should not be bent or damaged, because if they are that can create a lot of wear and tear.

All of the above being said, minor scratches on the heavy equipment for sale by owner is common and okay. Again, just because the machine is not perfect does not mean it is not worth buying. However, you do want ensure that you are in compliance with any and all safety codes, and of course that the used construction equipment for sale that you buy can actually get the job done that you need it to.

During the performance inspection of the equipment, do not just go for a laid back drive, but do some lifting, digging, pushing, etc. Try out the attachments - excavators should be able to dig and load well. Ask for a demonstration of the bucket, stick, and boom, and look out for slackness that could suggest parts need replacing. Also, drive the excavator over a short distance to see if it runs straight and that both tracks are rotating equally.

It is recommended that a buyer know how to operate the used construction equipment for sale prior to making a purchase. As many of the machines sold through our website and publication are pre-owned, they may not come with instruction manuals or appropriate literature to understand its functions (although you may be able to obtain an instruction manual online).

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