Buying Used Wheels, Tires and Rims through Classifieds

At Want Ad Digest, we have used auto and truck parts for sale, and you can find anything from engines to backseats to bumpers. One of the most popular subdivisions of our Used Auto Parts section, however, is used car tires for sale; this also includes auto rims for sale. In fact, you can often find package deals where you can save money if you buy four tires instead of one, or the wheels and tires together, etc.


Here, we are going to go over some tips for looking at used tires, rims, or wheels for sale online. Additionally, we provide several links at the end of the article to further assist you in buying car parts that you are happy with - how to know what rims will fit your car, a tire sizing guide, and more.

When browsing wheels, tires, and rims for sale you have the responsibility of ensuring that your purchase is compatible with your vehicle; moreover, they must compatible with each other. For instance, used tire rims for sale must be in compliance with car wheels for sale (or the wheels you already have on your car). If in doubt, revisit your car manual to find out what kind of sizing can fit your automobile. At the bottom of this page we have provided additional links to help you in including how to find your owner's manual online if you have misplaced it.

Let us take a look at used car tires for sale first. Tires are a vitally important component of the vehicle, because they have a direct reflection on the breaks, which can save lives in certain situations. Tires need to be properly maintained and rotated every few thousand miles.

New tires can be quite expensive, but if you buy online, particularly used, you can save a lot of money. As mentioned before, some sellers will give you a deal if you buy tires in a "package." When searching tires for sale, do not forget that you can search items online here at Want Ad Digest according to location, so you can type in the search bar "used tires Albany NY," for instance, to narrow down the classified ads you are browsing.

When buying tires online, whether used or new, you will need to have a service station install them on your vehicle after purchasing, if you are not equipped to do this yourself - do keep this in mind. Basically, the most important aspect about purchasing auto wheels and tires is to buy the correct size for your vehicle. If you buy tires that are too big, it will cause your speedometer to malfunction; tires that are too small are not good either.

There are summer, winter, and all-season tires to consider. Obviously, all-season is a good choice for varying weather conditions, but you may want to opt for winter and summer tires depending on where you live. Choose tires based on what driving conditions you usually encounter.

Buying used car tires for sale can be just as good as buying new tires for sale, but you do need to pay attention to the brand to ensure quality. According to Consumer Reports, the following are good, high rated brands: Bridgestone, Continental, Cooper, Dunlop, General, Goodyear, Hankook, Kumho, Michelin, Nokian, Pirelli, and Sumitomo.

The 31x10.5 tires for sale are popular, because they are considered the largest tires you can purchase without needing a lift; they are good for Jeep Wranglers. Performance tires are something else you may come across in classified ads - performance tires improve breaking and handling, but they do not last as long as other tires.

Moving onto wheels - your main choices for used wheels for sale are alloy or steel. Alloy wheels are generally made of aluminum alloy. These wheels are lightweight, able to disperse heat well, and can be more effective than steel wheels. Alloy wheels are good for traveling through mountains, or in stop and go traffic; they improve both steering and braking. Steel wheels are more durable than alloy wheels for harsher, cooler climates.

Car rims and tires are often sold together in a package. Rims are the metal plates between the rubber tire and the wheel. Used and new rims for sale come in a wide variety of designs - they can be customized to add your own personality to your car. People looking for rims for sale may be simply upgrading to a more modern style, or they could be replacing a broken rim; in this case, of course, you want to be sure that the rim you are looking at will be in compliance with the ones you already own.

Buying rims for your vehicle is an easy way to upgrade and make the car look nicer, and more equipped for you and your style. There are pure performance rims for sale as well as functional rims. Performance rims are obviously mostly for looks, and are typically made of a shiny chrome or plastic. Functional rims are intended to handle varying driving conditions.

Let us explore briefly sizing when it comes to tire rims for cars. Some people opt for "plus sizing" their rims to improve the vehicle's performance. This option involves buying rims that are one or two sizes larger than were currently on the vehicle. In this case, the outside diameter of the tire should remain about the same, while the inner diameter - the part that is wrapped around the rim - will need to be bigger to accommodate for a larger rim. These are all things to bear in mind when looking to purchase compatible rims and tires for sale.

When plus sizing your rims, you want to make sure to get rims for sale that are not too heavy, because they can make the vehicle more difficult to handle. Furthermore, as highlighted before, you need to ensure that the complete outside diameter of your tire and rim remains the same as your original tires.

When in doubt about sizing, refer to your owner's manual. Smaller cars often use 13 inch rims. SUVs and trucks can use 27 inch rims. In addition obtaining your owner's manual, we have provided some links at the bottom of this page to assist you in determining sizing for tires and rims for sale online and the tires and rims that you already have on your vehicle.

At Want Ad Digest, we have new classified ads listed all the time, including for car tires, rims, and wheels for sale. Do not forget that if you already know what you are looking for, to eliminate browsing through ads that are not applicable to your vehicle, you can search for the exact car or wheel you want. Some popular items often found available here include 22 rims and tires for sale, 215 60 16 tires, and 4 bolt rims.

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