Buying and Selling Used Car, Truck and Auto Parts

In addition to the wide selection of used car parts available by private sellers, we also provide for customers here some tips on how to go about buying used car parts for sale online. Here, we will discuss why to buy or sell used through Want Ad Digest, what types of car parts we often have available, how to know if buying a particular car part used is even a safe option, and what to be aware of to ensure the part will be compatible with your car; we will also cover tips on how to sell used auto parts online.


Most car owners find themselves eventually needing to buy auto parts for their vehicle. If you are looking to buy used car parts for sale online, Want Ad Digest is here to assist your needs. Buying car parts for sale online has become more popular in the last few years - no more spending hours at regular automobile stores. With shopping online, you can save both time and money browsing auto parts for sale online. In fact, used car parts can work just as well as new ones, but can cost up to 80% less. The downside is that the internet is overwhelmed with small time auto parts dealers that do not know a radiator cap from a spark plug.

Want Ad Digest has been in business for 50 years, and we carry page after page of used auto parts classified ads with new classifieds being listed all the time. We carry everything from used engines and transmissions to snow tires, bench seats, backseats, bumpers, breaks, and we also have wheel and tire packages; if you happen to need both wheels and tires at the same time you can often purchase them together at a decent discount. Some sellers will also offer a similar deal with used auto rims for sale if you purchase them with tires and/or wheels.

If you are considering buying used car parts for sale online, the first step is to ensure that this is truly the avenue that you want to take. Some damages to cars can only be fixed with brand new parts, and you cannot use used parts for your own safety. If you are unsure if the particular part you need should be bought used or new you should consult a mechanic for more information. It may also be a good idea to take a look at your owners manual, which can not only help you with deciding if you want to tackle a repair on your own, but can also assist you in doing a particular repair. If you have misplaced yours, we have a link at the bottom of the page to help you in finding the owners manual online.

Once you are certain that you are ready to buy the used auto part online, you must look to buy used auto parts online that will be compatible with your vehicle; this may prove more difficult if you have an older make of car. You absolutely must be aware of the make, model, and year of your vehicle to be sure to find a part that will correctly and safely fit your car.

Secondly, gather as much information about the car part that you are intending to buy as possible. Do not lose yourself in technical descriptions and purchase the wrong item; this is why you will want to do business in person after finding the seller online, so that you can best confirm that the used car part is in fact what you need to make the repair or adjustment on your vehicle.

Be sure of the specifications and proportions of all used auto parts classifieds that you look at; all parts come in all different shapes and sizes for different models. If you buy the wrong part for your car it will not fit. Take into consideration the age and condition of the car part that you will need or that you are looking at. Is it necessary to know if the part is used, repaired, or re-manufactured?

The next step in buying car parts for sale online is to compare prices. When looking at used auto parts, there can be a wide range of prices for the same part. Shop around, look at other sites, and see what the part is typically sold for so that you can better make a decision on whether or not to purchase the part advertised.

When browsing used auto parts classifieds, always keep your VIN number handy, as this will be an excellent tool to help you find the best spare part for your vehicle; this is especially handy if you are buying a second hand engine. Buying used engines online is becoming more wide spread. Although many people believe that when an engine dies on a car it is the end of the road for that vehicle, this is not necessarily true. Do not give up a perfectly good car when you could potentially fix it at much less of the cost than it would be to replace the entire vehicle.

If it is a used engine you are looking for in our auto parts classified ads, make sure that you know the exact specifications of the engine that you need, and do not settle for anything less than a used engine that meets all of those requirements. Purchasing used engines, motors, transmissions, and indeed many other car parts online, is a safe money-saving way to get your vehicle back on the road. Furthermore, sometimes you can find used car engines online that are almost brand new; some dealers sell parts of cars that were wrecked in accidents that are still in perfectly good working condition. Buying a used car engine instead of a new one can decrease your maintenance costs, without compromising on quality, by as much as 50%.

Whether it is used car engines or used auto rims for sale you are looking to purchase at Want Ad Digest, you can type in the part that you are looking for in our search. Or of course, you can just do a general search for “ad auto parts.” If you do know exactly what you’re looking for, Want Ad Digest can narrow down the matches to help you find the used car parts for sale online that are compatible with the make, model, and year of your vehicle. Do not waste time wading aimlessly through thousands of classified ads. At Want Ad Digest, we designed our search tool to match your request with specific ads that meet your needs.

If you have parts you want to get off your hands, you’ll want to know how to sell car parts online. Want Ad Digest has representatives that can help customers create auto parts classified ads in such a way that it will undoubtedly bring you together with the right individual. If you have parts for a Ford, you do not want to spend time speaking with someone who needs auto parts for a Chevy. Always be as specific as possible in your ad, including measurements and pictures. Here, you can find qualified buyers who need the specific auto parts that you have available. Satisfied buyers and sellers have returned to us repeatedly because doing so saves both parties time and money. Do not hesitate to reach out to our staff in helping you with your auto parts needs.

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