ATV Classifieds: Buying and Selling Used ATVs

Are you looking to buy or sell a used ATV? Then you have come to the right place. Want Ad Digest is the premier online destination to buy or sell an ATV. Here, we are going to explore tips for purchasing a used ATV for sale, types of ATVs available, ATV safety, kids ATVs, and we also provide links to ATV clubs' websites from New York State, Massachusetts, and Vermont.

All terrain vehicles for sale can be used for recreational fun or for work purposes. They are designed to travel through terrains which normal vehicles may not be equipped for, such as rocky country paths, elevated mountain trails, or even sandy deserts. We have a wide selection of used and new ATVs for sale in our ATV classifieds.

Before you buy an ATV, you should be aware of what you will need, and what you are going to be using the vehicle for. You will also want to take a look at ATV price guides to determine the used ATV value - there is a link at the bottom of this article for a used ATV price guide.

Do not forget that when you browse ATV ads you can specify what state you want to look in, in addition to what type of ATV you are looking for. For example, you can search for "used ATVs for sale in PA," or "used ATVs for sale in NY." Or, you can look by model type: search for a side by side ATV for sale, or kids four wheelers for sale.

The most popular ATV for sale in the US is the utility ATV. This type of ATV is used widely on farms and on ranches, and is designed to move heavy loads over rugged terrain. Utility ATVs can be equipped with a broad range of accessories, and they tend to be a bit heavier and slower than their other ATV siblings. Some say that utility ATVs are literally replacing horses on farms for labor work.

Sports ATVs for sale are used more for recreational activity than for work. These are lighter than the aforementioned utility ATVs, and consequently when riding you really need to use your body to lean towards certain directions when driving, not unlike a motorcycle. In other words, ATVs are more interactive and complex to drive than cars.

Sports ATVs for sale can be dangerous on pavement; their soft tires make it very unstable for turns and when trying to stop. Although sports ATVs have large seats, that is so the rider can property adjust himself while driving; the large seat is not an invitation to bring a passenger on board. A sports ATV for sale can come in two wheel drive, and they can be more difficult to learn how to ride. Although, experienced riders enjoy them because of their jumping abilities and higher speeds.

Thirdly, we have the side by side ATV for sale, which is somewhat a cross between the utility and sports ATV; it basically resembles a golf cart. These types of ATVs for sale can be equipped to handle passengers. In fact, a side by side ATV for sale in some places can be registered as a street legal vehicle, assuming that it abides by all the safety requirements.

It should be mentioned that the ATV Safety Institute recommends not allowing children under the age of 16 to ride an ATV; however, there are more and more children's ATVs being developed, including kids four wheelers for sale. When used properly and safely, it can be okay to allow your child to ride an ATV that is the correct size for them. Moreover, riding ATVs is more and more a family fun activity that can be enjoyed for everyone.

One way to ensure the child is safe is to have an adult ride in front of him and another adult behind him; this way, the child is more or less in the middle. Children's ATVs have smaller motors, bigger breaks, and safety features designed especially for kids. Parents should make sure that the kids are properly trained and have the right safety equipment before allowing them to ride an ATV.

As indicated before, the four wheeler for sale is a type of ATV designed with children in mind. Kids four wheelers for sale are mini ATVs that kids as young as four are able to enjoy safely. Remember when searching that some sellers may spell things or list items differently, so try searching under a few different names to find what you are looking for. For instance, you can search for a “4 wheeler for sale,” “fourwheelers for sale,” “4 wheels for sale,” “ATV 4 wheelers for sale,” or “kids 4 wheelers under 500.” As indicated earlier, you can also search by location, such as “four wheelers for sale in PA.” Used four wheelers for sale are a great beginner ATV for kids to get started on, and buying a used ATV instead of a new ATV for sale will undoubtedly save you some money in the process.

When looking at a used ATV for sale by owner, take into consideration if you would prefer a manual or an automatic. Manual ATVs allow you to upshift or downshift on your own, which can be really useful when you are riding on steep inclines or towing things. Automatic ATVs do not give you the option of shifting on your own, but they have come a long way over the years and are great for basic trail rides. They allow you to ride and enjoy the scenery without having to focus on shifting - this can be helpful for slightly less experienced riders.

No matter what type of ATV you are looking to purchase, used or new, it is critical to wear a safety helmet, goggles, gloves, boots, long pants, and a long sleeve shirt. Also, please be sure that you are only riding the ATV where you are allowed to go; do not blaze your own trail, if you will.

If you are looking to sell rather than buy an ATV, please be sure to give full disclosure regarding your new or used ATV in the ad. Mention the year, make, model, and if at all possible include a picture with any ATV ads. Also, your contact information is vital. Many sellers will simply move onto another ad if they do not see a picture or the appropriate contact information.

When used properly and safely, an ATV is a fun and useful vehicle to own. Use ATVs for picnics, hunting, fishing, farm work, or just fun!

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