Antiques & Collectibles For Sale

Antiques and collectibles for sale are items that people collect because they believe there is some value to ownership.These objects are often prized by collectors because as these items age they usually increase in value. Additionally, these items may be looked at as desirable because of their beauty.Generally, older objects reflect a degree of artisanship that is increasingly rare today such as hand carved wood furniture or handmade silver spoons designed by silversmiths.

Collectibles for sale also include items that hobbyists purchase because of nostalgia, meaning that these items represent bygone childhood memories or offer an intimate look into a past era of history. Regardless of the reason for the passion, Want Ad Digest functions as a trustworthy go between for buyers and sellers.
1934 Duesenberg

  • 1934 Duesenberg
  • TroyNew York
  • $ 17.00
1904 Cadillac Model B

  • 1904 Cadillac Model B
  • TroyNew York
  • $ 17.00
Samuel Adams New Glasses

  • Samuel Adams New Glasses
  • Brand new, your choice Samuel Adams Summer Ale...
  • TroyNew York
  • $ 5.00
Pro Set 1991Super Star MusiCards
Ertl Eastwood 1925 Kenworth Van
Ertl Firetruck Bank 1991

  • Ertl Firetruck Bank 1991
  • Brand new, Eastwood Volunteer Fire Dept 1926...
  • TroyNew York
  • $ 22.00
Bulldog Delivery Truck

  • Bulldog Delivery Truck
  • 1379. Mack 1928 Bulldog Delivery Truck "Ace...
  • TroyNew York
  • $ 15.00
ETRL's Eastwood 1930

  • ETRL's Eastwood 1930
  • "Diamond T" Tanker Truck-Limited Edition, Mint,...
  • TroyNew York
  • $ 22.00
Eastwood 1991 Limited Edition
Avon Talking Santa Head

  • Avon Talking Santa Head
  • Brand new in plastic, Holiday Greetings Wall...
  • TroyNew York
  • $ 25.00
Air Eastwood Fast Delivery Travel
1926 Mack Bulldog Tank

  • 1926 Mack Bulldog Tank
  • Ertl Collectible #9773V0 Kerr-McGee 1926 Mack...
  • TroyNew York
  • $ 22.00
ERTL #2771 Old Cars Megazine 1950
1 24 Racing Champions 1995 NASCAR
Ertl Texaco 1905 Ford Delivery Car
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