AKC German Shepherd Puppies

AKC German Shepherd Puppies


Black, and black and tan working Line German Shepherd Puppies, akc registered, vaccinated and first vet examination.

They can leave at 8 weeks, but it’s recommended that they stay until they are 9 weeks old. (Mom and Dad, are great teachers)

The puppies have been learning basic commands, ever since they started trying to escape their welping box. The puppies are both food and prey driven, but love praise rewards too. If you plan on training your puppy in a specific job, and would like me to help prepare them before they come home with you, just let me know. I’m more than happy to help assist in any way I can.

Their diet consists of, Royal Canine German Shepherd puppy food, as well as fresh eggs that come directly from our farm. They also love a sprinkle of cheese on their meal as a special treat, yogurt, and of course they’re doted on by mom, so they nurse a lot. Our grocery budget has almost doubled, but we know because this breed grows so big, so fast, we want to ensure that we give them the best start possible.

Extra information

These puppies are the sons and daughters of the local celebrities, Mattuanaga and Aghanashini. This is their second (and last) litter. Mom and dad would love to meet you, and introduce you to their beautiful babies. Mom (working line) is the daughter of police k9 Darth Vader, and dad (show line) is son of Royal Vom Buffalo Creek. Both mom and dad are trained in nose work, live stock work, as well as obedience training, and they are registered service dog’s. ( I stay in contact with both sellers.)

Their first litter of puppies, are going to be 3 year’s old in the spring. Their daughter Gracie Bear, is about to take the exam to join her owner with NYS troopers. Luther and Zues graduated from Upstate Canine academy, and the rest of the litter, are companion/family dog’s. I stay in contact with their owners, and they are happy to provide references, and answer any questions you may have.

With all that said, I’m not a breeder, so I’m not just selling puppies, it’s my responsibility to find them a forever home. Together I hope we can ensure that you are getting a puppy that will fit in with your lifestyle. I’m doing everything I can to help set the pup’s up for success with their new families. Please feel free to call or text, with any questions, or if you would like pictures. (The app wouldn’t upload more pictures for some reason) I look forward to speaking with you, and thanks for your interest.

Price: $1200.00
Location: Schodack Landing, NY, USA

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