2024 Arctic Cat Riot 9000 with ATAC

2024 Arctic Cat Riot 9000 with ATAC


2024 Arctic Cat Riot 9000 with ATAC – $22099 – 5189302272 – A24SN07

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2024 Arctic Cat® Riot 9000 with ATACBuilt to Handle It AllWhy choose between the thrills of on-trail riding and the adventure of venturing into the deep snow when you can have both? Riot blends trail and backcountry performance seamlessly for the ultimate adaptable ride.Features may include:LEGENDARY POWER9000-SERIES C-TEC4 TURBOCHARGED ENGINEThe Riot 9000 doesn’t mess around. Equipped with our biggest, most powerful engine, this sled delivers max horsepower in any conditions. The 4-stroke, 998cc engine offers enough power that no other snowmobile will even come close.PLAYFUL COMFORTCROSS-ACTION Rear SuspensionThe uncoupled CROSS-ACTION rear suspension provides unparalleled agility from powder to hardpack. The design enables the front and rear halves of the suspension to move independently, so riders enjoy excellent cornering and bump absorption on the trail, as well as off-trail weight transfer.SMOOTH POWER DELIVERYADAPT™ CVTThe lightweight, durable ADAPT™ CVT System is the industry’s only self-adjusting clutch. ADAPT has an idler bearing that keeps belt temperature down, helping belts stay tighter and giving you a smoother takeoff and consistent power delivery at slow speeds.CONFIDENCE-INSPIRING HANDLINGARS™ II Front SuspensionThe race-proven ARS II front suspension delivers superior cornering and more ground clearance for an even better ride – on or off trail. The forged aluminum spindles are 1.5 inches taller from ski to the lower arm, and it features rigid upper A-Arms for optimal control and durability.EASIER STEERINGG2 ProClimb SkisThe lightweight G2 ProClimb™ 7-inch mountain ski is tapered to stay on top of the snow. The ski works in tandem with front suspension spindles for easier steering and better deep snow performance.ADAPT TO TERRAINAdjustable Ski StanceAn adjustable 41.5- to 43.5-inch ski stance provides the flexibility to ride in a wide variety of snow conditions. Narrow it up for better agility in the backcountry or widen it out for a flatter, more stable trail ride.RIDE BOLDLYReinforced Running BoardsWith new rugged styling and improved durability, Riot’s running boards are reinforced with an extrusion for extra rigidity and are designed to take the impact when you send it.VERSATILE SUSPENSIONATAC® Adjustable On-the-Fly SuspensionThe ATAC® Adjustable On-the-Fly Suspension immediately adjusts the FOX® ZERO iQS shocks with the push of a button to navigate changing snow conditions. Choose between two rider profiles, three firmness settings and engage lockout mode to ride your way.INTUITIVE HANDLINGELECTRONIC POWER STEERINGWith Electronic Power Steering (EPS), this is a next-level experience. Unmatched control, easier turns, and intuitive handling will upgrade your ride more than you could imagine.

Price: $22099
Condition: New
Location: Halfmoon, New York, USA

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