2023 Arctic Cat Prowler Pro EPS

2023 Arctic Cat Prowler Pro EPS


2023 Arctic Cat Prowler Pro EPS – $15499 – 5189302272 – A23SS28

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2023 Arctic Cat® Prowler Pro EPSAdventure at Your FingertipsAs a go-getter who wants to explore and do more, your side-by-side should match your love of adventure and your can-do work ethic. The Prowler Pro was built to perform to your standards with a class-leading quiet engine, optimized suspension and easy customization for your everyday needs.Equipped with a performance tuned clutch, 12.5 inch ground clearance, and trail ready suspension, the Prowler Pro EPS side-by-side is ready for your next ride, wherever that may be. The hands-down leader when it comes to its quiet and smooth 3-cylinder EFI engine, this vehicle will easily pass any test you put it to.Features may include:FOCUS ON THE RIDENOISE-REDUCING DESIGNThe engine and vehicle design on the Prowler Pro were created with you in mind. Enjoy the sights and sounds of your ride without worrying about the noise of your vehicle.INCREASE YOUR CONTROL10-INCH FRONT AND 9.5-INCH REAR SUSPENSION TRAVELThe stock ride quality of the Prowler Pro suspension has been designed with a lift kit to achieve a high ground clearance that will let you navigate tough trails with ease. In both loaded and unloaded driving conditions, this side-by-side handles more aggressive terrain easier with less bounce and increased control, giving you an all around better ride.ELEVATE YOUR RIDEUP TO 13-INCH GROUND CLEARANCENo matter how you use your side by side, make ground clearance a priority with the Prowler Pro. Boasting an impressive 13-inches of ground clearance on the XT and LTD models, your next adventure is sure to be a smooth one.PERFORMANCE READY TAKEOFF812CC 3-CYLINDER EFI ENGINEYou want a side by side that handles work and play better than any other. With CVTech TrailBloc clutches, you get 50hp and 48 lb-ft of torque without the noise, providing the smoothest take-offs for towing and hauling workloads. When the work day is done and playtime begins, the performance-spec clutching reacts quickly for pulse-increasing throttle response.STORE MORENEXT-LEVEL STORAGEDon’t leave anything behind on long riding days. The Prowler Pro side by side has space for everything you need with loads of built-in storage space.MAKING WORK EASY1000-LB CAPACITY CARGO BOX WITH TILTNo matter your cargo, the Prowler Pro handles it with ease. Rocks, mulch, and anything else you can carry — shovel 1,000 pounds in the back and drop it off with no worries.3 TIMES THE FUN3-PASSENGER SEATINGIt’s always more fun to hit the trails with company. The Prowler Pro side by side offers 3-passenger seating for the adventures you don’t want to have alone. Bench seating can also be removed for additional storage space for the essentials on a long riding day.UPGRADE YOUR RIDEMORE THAN 50 CUSTOM-BUILT ACCESSORIESProwler Pro was designed to take on any challenge you give it — why not customize it further? With countless ways to make this side by side your own, our 50 custom-built accessories are sure to bring the Prowler Pro to the next level.INCREASED STRENTH AND PERFORMANCEUPGRADED TRANSAXLEThe Prowler Pro is built with an all-new transaxle designed to be more durable for tough terrains. With this extra strength, your Prowler Pro is more than ready to take on the challenges of the trails with less maintenance.

Price: $15499
Condition: New
Location: Halfmoon, NY, USA

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