2023 Arctic Cat Alterra 600 EPS

2023 Arctic Cat Alterra 600 EPS


2023 Arctic Cat Alterra 600 EPS – $9199 – 5189302272 – A23ATV08

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2023 Arctic Cat® Alterra 600 EPSBuilt for All-Out AdventureIf you want an ATV with more power, control, balance, and comfort, look no further than the Alterra 600. The ultimate full-size ATV for the jack-of-all-trades looking to explore more, the Alterra 600 is built with a 600cc engine for an elevated ride. With 25 or 26-inch tires and electronic power steering, this ATV will support higher ground clearance and enhanced control. We know you want an ATV that can handle bigger challenges, and with the Alterra 600, you’re in for your best rides yet.Features may include:POWER LIKE NEVER BEFORE600CC, 45HP ENGINEWith a powerful 600 class EFI engine built in St. Cloud, MN, the Alterra 600 is built to fuel your sense of adventure. This high-output power will let you explore tougher terrains and achieve more on your ATV.RIDE WITH FRIENDSDASH-MOUNTED GARMIN TREAD GPSEnhance your ride with a dash-mounted Garmin Tread Off Road GPS. This accessory is an absolute necessity for any group ride, letting you view your routes, music and group members’ locations easily. While this GPS is sold separately, it will take your ride to the next level.EFFORTLESS HANDLINGENHANCED SUSPENSION SYSTEMThe enhanced suspension on the Alterra 600 offers a smoother ride and easier steering. You’ll feel the difference offered by larger, upgraded shocks and springs, as well as power steering, and you’ll never want to go back.CLEAR MORE OBSTACLESUP TO 12.25-INCH GROUND CLEARANCEIf you’re looking for the confidence to ride over obstacles, the Alterra 600 has you covered. With 11.5-inches of ground clearance on the Alterra 600 EPS and XT, and an enhanced 12.25-inch ground clearance on the Alterra 600 LTD and the Alterra 600 SE, you’ll be able to clear more than just bumps in the trail.EASILY ACCESS GEARDRIVER ACCESSIBLE STORAGEWith an easy-to-access and spacious storage compartment that you can reach from the rider’s seat, you’ll have room for everything you need on your journey.ENHANCED TRACTIONSELECTABLE FRONT LOCKING DIFFERENTIALWith the all-new selectable front locking differential on the Alterra 600 LTD and Alterra 600 SE, you’ll be more in control of how you ride. By simultaneously putting maximum torque to all 4 wheels, your vehicle’s traction will be optimized, letting you handle harder terrains with ease.COMFORT FOR ALL RIDERSLARGE FOOTWELLSNo matter your stature, you’ll find a comfortable ride on the Alterra 600. The large footwells offer extra space for a variety of shoe sizes, and the ergonomic control placement is designed to fit any rider.KEEP COOLOPTIMIZED ENGINE ORIENTATIONWith the one-of-a-kind engine orientation and exhaust routing, you won’t feel all the heat from your ATV while riding. Instead of focusing on the heat, your attention can stay fixed on your epic ride.FOR WORK OR PLAY1,050-LB TOWING CAPACITYThe Alterra 600 is equipped for hard work as well as a great ride. With a front tow hook and 2-inch rear receiver, your ATV can pull over half a ton.GET OUT OF TOUGH SITUATIONS3,500-LB WARN WINCHWith the Alterra 600’s 3,500-LB WARN Winch, you can get yourself or your friends unstuck with ease. Standard on the Alterra 600 LTD and Alterra 600 SE, or available to add onto the Alterra 600 EPS and Alterra 600 XT, you’ll be prepared for the unexpected.

Price: $9199
Condition: New
Location: Halfmoon, NY, USA

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