2023 Arctic Cat Alterra 450


2023 Arctic Cat Alterra 450 – $6999 – 5189302272 – A23ATV20

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2023 Arctic Cat® Alterra 450Mid-Sized for More ExploringIf the weekend warrior in you is looking for a versatile and responsive ride with easy handling, you can’t go wrong with the mid-sized Alterra 450. No matter your skill level, this ATV delivers an awesome ride, with 10-inch ground clearance, double A-Arm front and rear suspension, and On-the-Fly 2WD/4WD.This mid-sized ATV is built with a light and agile frame, as well as a 443cc single-cylinder, liquid cooled EFI engine that provides enough power for riders at any level. Whether this is your first time buying an ATV or your hundredth, the Alterra 450 is ready for action.Features may include:RESPONSIVE AND POWERFUL450 CLASS ENGINEDon’t let the smaller chassis fool you. With an efficient 443cc single-cylinder, liquid cooled, EFI engine, the Alterra 450 ATV packs a punch and offers an awesome ride for beginners and experienced riders alike.SMOOTHER RIDES7-INCH SUSPENSION TRAVELThe Alterra 450’s 7 inches of suspension travel keeps every ride stable and smooth, tackling challenging bumps in the trail with ease.TACKLE THE TRAILS10-INCH GROUND CLEARANCEWith the Alterra 450 ATV, you’ll have the confidence to take on big challenges, no matter your skill level. This ATV’s 10 inches of ground clearance will allow you to pass cleanly over many obstacles you’ll encounter on your ride.INSTANTLY ADAPTON-THE-FLY 2WD/4WDEquipped with an easy-to-use On-the-Fly system, the Alterra 450 allows you to effortlessly switch between 2WD and 4WD. When the terrain gets tougher, you can quickly adapt and switch to 4WD, and when it levels back out, switch back to 2WD instantly.ENHANCED STEERINGDUAL A-ARM FRONT AND REAR SUSPENSIONWith dual A-Arm front and rear suspension designed specifically for off road riding, the Alterra 450 ATV reduces bumps and gives you a smoother, more controlled riding experience.STORE MOREFRONT AND REAR STEEL RACKSHeavy duty doesn’t even begin to cover it. With steel racks on both the front and rear of the vehicle, you can carry over 200-lbs of strapped down cargo with you wherever you go.READY TO TOWREAR 2-INCH RECEIVER HITCHWith a standard 2-inch receiver hitch and a 1,050 lb towing capacity, the Alterra 450 ATV makes it easy to transport and tow whatever you need.EASILY ACCESS INFORMATIONDIGITAL GAUGEEverything you need to know is now in one place. Be fully aware of everything going on with your ATV with this easy-to-read digital display, monitoring your fuel level, speed, and so much more.

Price: $6999
Condition: New
Location: Halfmoon, NY, USA

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