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To respond to a personal Ad you need to have 2 stamped envelopes. The first step is to write a letter in response to the ad and include some of your contact information in the letter. Put that letter in one of the stamped envelopes and write the 7 letter/digit code found with the ad on the bottom left hand corner of the envelope. Next, enclose a $6 check or money order made out to Want Ad Digest in the 2nd envelope along with the letter to the respondant. Mail that to us at Want Ad Digest, Attn: Personals, 870 Hoosick Rd, Troy, NY 12180. When we receive your letter we will send your sealed envelope to the recepient indicated.
78, 5'3", likes to dance, travel, eat out, would like to meet a S/W/M 78-82 NS/ND, honest, clean, photo, address, phone number, will answer all lettersAQKZW04 2/13/2017 Personals Female
S/W/F 5'6, upbeat, NS, sd, home owner, retired state worker, loves road trips, home life, winters in florida, antiques, flea markets, arts, history, Saratoga co, all replys answeredTHO0098 2/11/2017 Personals Female

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